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| Jackie Cronen is not afraid of America: ‘The most beautiful match imaginable’

The Orange Lions have no fear of ruling world champion America. Why should the Netherlands? The U.S. team certainly will not impress in the group stage of the Olympic football tournament. The Netherlands concedes more goals than they would like, but has provoked less than 21 (!) Times in its 3 group matches.

The replay of the World Cup final will start at 13:00 (NL time) on Friday, when the Netherlands lost 2-0. “Now we’re getting a good match, probably the most beautiful fantasy,” Cronen K.P. “We all look forward to it and we hope to be able to catch them this time.”

Team USA
In Group G, the United States came in 2nd with 4 points and 6-4. These are moderate figures, although that group with Sweden, Australia and New Zealand is slightly heavier than Group F of the Orange.

There were times when ‘The Stars and Stripes’ always won it all, even in large numbers. The United States has played in 5 of the 8 World Cups (3 wins), 5 of the 6 Olympic finals (4 wins), and won 8 of the 9 Gold Cup entries.

Chances are, of course, that this is a temporary form among American women. “You can not underestimate the United States, so it’s not a problem. We are very sharp, it is not in our nature to avoid a superior country, let them come,” says Cronen.

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