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U-Turn: France and the United States are again tightening the rules around mouth masks

In France and the United States, officers are returning to previous relaxations for wearing masks. U-turns have everything to do with the rise of delta variation.

It’s not about uniform tightness: in France they refer to wearing mouth masks in crowded places outside, in the United States it is about wearing mouth masks indoors.


  • The Gironde department in southwestern France has reintroduced the need for masks on the bustling streets of Bordeaux and tourist areas. It follows other disciplines like Wendy. The need for mouth masks in public places now applies to most West French coastal resorts.
  • Mouth masks are not mandatory on the beach.
  • The Pyrenees-Orientale sector in the south of France first decided in mid-July to reintroduce the need for the mask. This was followed by Ad (including Carcassonne) and Harold (including Montpellier).
  • In the north of Corsica, wearing a mouth mask is now mandatory on the busy streets of many cities, including Bastia.

United States

  • The U.S. Health Commission CDC has changed its recommendation for vaccinated Americans: they should no longer wear oral masks on high-risk areas again.
  • This recommendation applies to places that are generally accessible in the interior, stressed top woman Rochelle Valensky, noting the rapid spread of delta variation in the United States.
  • CDC runs a Previous recommendation For the vaccine, it is from mid-May, all the way.

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