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Jade Mintjens from "Perfect World" succeeds Bert Gabriels at year-end conference |  showbiz

Jade Mintjens from “Perfect World” succeeds Bert Gabriels at year-end conference | showbiz

Mintjes will take charge of Bert Gabriel’s #End of Year performances at the end of this year. With this you throw one important rule – no jokes about current affairs – abroad. “This is a material with a very limited history that is better before,” she told Het Nieuwsblad. “What a great joke on Monday it might already be hopelessly outdated on Thursday. But when I started my collections, I noticed he was suspicious of what was going on in the world.” As he put it, Maintenz doesn’t want a randomized version of her predecessor’s offering. “I look at the world differently than I do in my forties. I hope to attract many peers.” She will also bring her own guitar and give a music show.

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In the meantime, the comedian had a new rule: she no longer brought animals to the stage. Until recently, her goldfish Viktor was part of the scene, but it didn’t end well. “I haven’t done that animal any favor. Always those spots, always those noises. Because of not having a driver’s license, I often had to take a train for my shows. And he went in a bucket. I think he really died of stress. I still I feel some guilt about it.”

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