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‘Tinder Swindler’ bodyguard demands damages from Netflix, TV apology

‘Tinder Swindler’ bodyguard demands damages from Netflix, TV apology

televisionPiotr, bodyguard of ‘Twinder Swindler’ Simon Leviev, is demanding an apology from Netflix and seeking $5 million in damages over allegations the streaming service inaccurately portrayed him. Moreover, he claims that he was deceived by Leviev.

Piotr Kaluski is portrayed in the documentary as the right-hand man of Simon Leviev, who was always with him when he texted his victims asking them to deposit money in order to escape from his “enemies”. Leviev would often send the women pictures of a bloodied and beaten Piotr to show that he was not safe and needed their money to escape.

Piotr himself did not appear in the documentary, but he has now hired a lawyer to handle Netflix. In a letter from his lawyer to Netflix, obtained by TMZ, he asks for €5 million and wants the streaming platform to remove the docu from the internet. Finally, he also demands a public apology. Peter claims that he himself did nothing wrong and that Leviev still owes him money. He should receive another 10,000 euros from Leviev for his services rendered.

His attorney wrote: “The abusive use of my client’s image in the context of the film, allegations of financial exploitation of women, and suggestions made about Peter’s possible involvement in such acts have contributed to the extent of the damage done to him.” My client was not involved in the production of the project and was not aware of the activities. Business owner’s finances. “It cannot be linked in any way to the allegations made,” his lawyer said. Netflix has yet to respond.

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