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Jodeladie hoehoe: Chalet BernArt welcomes guests to a more spacious space ... (Schelle)

Jodeladie hoehoe: Chalet BernArt welcomes guests to a more spacious space … (Schelle)

© Walter Senen


In the summer imagine yourself at Tolhuisstraat in Schelle in southern France at Cabane BernArt, in the fall Bernard Van Dyck and Elke Mast transport you to the atmosphere of a cozy alpine cottage with the autumn-winter bar Chalet BernArt. Every Sunday from 1 pm the doors of the old barn, which has been expanded with additional space, open.

“Nothing is so special as the ordinary,” a large sign above the bar welcomes guests. A message the owners want to convey: Enjoy the small and simple things. This continues their concept of a winter bar in a homey atmosphere with sofas, pillows, blankets, wood stove and atmospheric lighting.

The former barn was also enlarged with an adjoining room so that the settlement could be envisaged on a larger scale with a total capacity of about 150 guests. In fact, there was already last year, but then the doors were forced to close after only two days, so there was no chance of discovering the new interpretation.

© Walter Senen

“For the rest, we remain true to our concept because it clearly appeals to our customers,” says Bernard and Elke. “We literally invest in coexistence to create a feeling of home. Compared to the summer bar, in addition to our well-known plates of Charcuterie and cheese, there are also some warm dishes on the menu, such as the traditionally prepared shrimp and cheese. Bernardino, based on the famous après-ski drink Bombardino with Advocate Liqueur, is also here again. We also have a few other regional beers, this time near Dendermonde, so there’s also something new to discover.”

‘The extra room is also suitable for small parties within the concept of a winter bar on Sundays. Outside we also have a number of benches covered in blankets by the fireplace.’

Meanwhile, the daughters of Rene and Axel took the lead in organizing the Bar. “It’s so nice to be able to do this together, and it also underscores what we stand for: creating a homely family feel.” (tape)

© Walter Senen

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