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French school student (13) lied about the inverted teacher Samuel’s grandmother

The French schoolboy, who accused his grandmother of Islamophobia, Samuel, admitted he was not in the class that killed the social studies teacher. Grandma was beheaded last year after she showed her students cartoons of the Islamic prophet Mohammed.

The 13-year-old girl told her father that her grandmother had asked all Muslims to leave the classroom during class. This is said to have happened when he showed the cartoons. The girl’s father was angry and called for action on social media.

Due to his father’s hate campaign, a Chechen Muslim extremist found a 47-year-old teacher. The man killed his grandmother and was later shot dead by police.


The girl was not in class during the appropriate lesson on freedom of expression and libel, and now she agrees According to the French media. However, he told his father during the class that he was being criticized and therefore suspended. The reason she lied was because she did not want to reveal the real reason for her suspension.

According to reporter Frank Renout, it was clear from the outset that the girl was not being honest in this matter. “It came out soon after a police investigation, but now he has confirmed it.”

His lawyer told the court he “regrets” what happened to his client and the damage he caused. The girl is being slandered. The father is suspected of being complicit in the grandmother’s murder.