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KAA Gent will be satisfied: substitute Eto'o starts STVV's famous comeback and weighs heavily on KV Mechelen

KAA Gent will be satisfied: substitute Eto'o starts STVV's famous comeback and weighs heavily on KV Mechelen

Who really wants to go for that? This will likely be the deciding factor in the European qualifiers. It took some time in Mechelen, but STVV has made it clear that it wants to move forward in these qualifiers. With Ryotaro Ito in the title role.

The fact that Thorsten Fink went through his team with the bristling brush – six changes – raised eyebrows. Was there nothing at stake anymore? The players the German had sent out to pasture had the upper hand. Most of the possession was in favor of the Canaries, who regularly changed the course of the game. Most dangerous to KVM target.

The two teams were able to share the score before the end of the first half. With the score 1-0 hanging in the air several times. When Skovs was able to connect after a corner kick for example. Suzuki saved the ball at that moment but choked on a free kick. Van Helden played hero by cleaning up at the last minute.

STVV'er Van Helden plays the hero

The defender also hit the post hard. Fortunately, Limberger was able to return quickly. Change was in order. STVV made another good escape with a deflected shot from Schoofs over the crossbar. Bates headed the ball from the corner kick to Herremans who came close to making it 1-0 from close range. Suzuki stood firm.

Betts scores in the last second of the first period

And just as everyone was resigned to a stunning score at the end of the first half, the net started shaking. Merabti fired a free kick at the far post, which Bates scored at the start of the second half with the last ball contact of the first half. So he was chasing STVV and so Queta shot straight away when he got some space after the break.

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It was from an oblique angle. Cook was able to stop his shot, but he was lucky because the ball then hit the post. KVM immediately got up again: this time Hairemans drew on the crossbar. Shortly afterwards he provided a perfect assist for Bassett on the counter-punch, which scored 2–0.

Bassett KVM-STVV
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Fullon pushed the chance 3-0 down Suzuki's leg. Did the Truienaars let things go? No, because the substitutes still look up to him. At the end of a nice attack, the Stokers found the offside Ito and the Japanese hit the equalizer into the ropes. And then Quetta's moment had not yet arrived.

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You can't give him an inch to build, it's become clear again. The left winger showed his trademark: a beautiful kick from distance and tied the score again (2-2). And it wasn't over yet: Koke's leg sweep prevented DeLorge from scoring, but Eto'o was also in shotgun position.

KVM collapses and Ito joins the party

The Japanese completed Troiensee's comeback with his second minute strike of the evening. KV collapsed like a house of cards in the last quarter of the match. Instead of taking the lead, STVV sees it coming alongside in the standings. It is sure to be a result they will be satisfied with at KAA Gent.