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Van Heysbrouck to Club Brugge?  "Just like Prudhomme."

Van Heysbrouck to Club Brugge? “Just like Prudhomme.”

Hein Vanhaysbrouck appears to be in his final weeks with Gent, while Club Brugge searches for a coach for next season. And according to many observers, both could be a perfect match. But is it really so?

Vanhisbrouck has often been linked in the past with a move to the Buffaloes' arch rivals, with opinions divided among fans. After all, the coach has kicked Blauw-Zwarte's leg several times in recent years.

Vanhisbrouck to Bruges?

The main question is whether the Brugge administration is ready to welcome his arrival. Especially since Vanhaysbrouck was accustomed to imposing his will in Ghent, something that did not fit with the structure envisioned in Westkapelle.

The club wants to appoint someone to act as a sounding board for the coach, something Vanhisbrouck does not need. Or is it wiser to choose such a strong character, after so many trainers that have been reviewed recently?

Profile as Preud'homme

“The club needs someone like Michel Prudhomme,” says Frank Bockx. “Someone to kick them in the ass and put the finishing touches on them when the performance is bad.” In this case, Vanhisbrouck may be the right person.

A comparison also made by transport observer Sascha Tavoleri. “Shouldn't they in Bruges single out Vanhaysbrouck, whose profile is similar to Prudhomme's, in order to focus everything more on one person?”