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Pallas of Volxus: wat wordt de nieuwe naam van Kunstencentrum Vooruit?

Pallas or Folksos: What will be the new name of Kunstencentru … (Ghent)

Gent –

The Furuite Arts Center, on Monday, announced the latest competitors for its new name: “Pallas” and “Folksus”. Anyone can vote for one of them. “Maybe no name can replace Vooruit, but it doesn’t have to be.”

The final stage of the search for a new name for the Ghent Arts Center will begin on Monday. With a “non-binding public survey” the organization wants to measure the preferences of its visitors. Until Wednesday at 10 AM, everyone can vote for the remaining 2 favorites via meerdaneennaam.bePallas from Folksos.


Pallas Symbolizing the Greek goddess of arts, crafts and combat. “But also Paleis in het Gents,” it appears at the Arts Center. The People’s Palace, but no less luxurious. “Working person banquet room”. Or a “second living room” with so many rooms where you can lose yourself completely. Palas as the perfect blend of high and low culture, depending on perspective. “

Folksus It looks like “people’s home” again. “Sure Voo’s DNA? But it’s also a whole new word,” says the Arts Center. “Volxus has the ability to quickly lead an independent life as an apt name and to represent what Voo stands for? Home of theater, dance, music, literature, nightlife and a lot of people. Folksos “people” and also “we”. A place where we all feel welcome. “

Last week, all messages disappeared from the Vooruit interface.
Photo: VIAJO__RAN on Twitter

Legal reasons

Vooruit received three thousand proposals for a new name. It appears that “an awful lot of names have been reviewed”. “Some of them withdrew because of an existing name, some for legal reasons, others because of unpleasant associations, and some because of the inability to speak another language. In short, it was an exciting and complicated process.”

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“After much deliberation, a shortlist of fourteen names was drawn up, two of which remained: Pallas and Folksus. We also realized that maybe there is no name that can replace Voo? Out, but there is no need for that. The child becomes the name and the name becomes Child “.

The final new name will be announced in the second half of April. You can vote online