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KDG University’s new electric racing car is back … (Antwerp)

Antwerp –

A new electric racing car from the Antwerp Karel de Groot Hogs School (KDG) and the Electric Racing Academy (ERA) broke the electric fold record in the solder circuit. In 1 minute 38 seconds 81st time, the current record was broken by more than 3.5 seconds.

Researchers at KDG and ERA’s Sustainability Mobility Professional Center have teamed up to create a racing car that will signal the start of a completely new and sustainable racing competition (ERA Championship) and enter the global motor sport. “It’s amazing to see the results of our practical scientific research into what we can use as a sustainable racing car and as an extension of electric driving in general,” says Chris Martens, head of the steady movement at the KDG Expert Center.

New competition

Thanks to this electric racing car, both companies are off to a great start with the Electric Racing Academy Racing School and the accompanying ERA Championship competition. From the fall of 2021, ERA Championship races will take place at iconic races in Northern Europe, including the Circuit Solder. Intended to expand to other countries. For example, Japan is already showing interest in next year. The United States and New Zealand may follow suit.

Flemish Mobility Minister Lydia Peters has been allowed to sit in a new electric racing car.
Photo: RR

Safe playgrounds

Flemish ministers Juhal Demir (N-VA) and Lydia Peters (Open VLT) also acknowledge the importance of sustainable movement. “We closely follow all technological developments in terms of sustainability and road safety,” says Lydia Peters, Minister of Flemish Movement and Public Works, who was allowed to sit in the record-breaking racing car. “People have always – often life-saving – systems, but other innovations, do not realize that they have their appearance in motorsport. Competitions like this bring out the best in both worlds, and I can only appreciate that.

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