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Kevin Spacey returns to the stage

Kevin Spacey returns to the stage

He receives a standing ovation after his first public appearance since the trial

Kevin Spacey, actor

five minutes. The scene lasted much longer Timon of Athens Not Shakespeare. But American actor Kevin Spacey received a warm applause from the audience at the Sheldonian Theater in London on Monday evening. For Spacey, who was acquitted of sexually assaulting four men last July, this was the first time in years that he had returned to the stage. A few days ago, the film’s premiere was held in a cinema in London He controls It was canceled because Spacey is in it.

File a lawsuit against Donald Trump

Christopher Steele, Hx-spy

Former President Donald Trump has filed a lawsuit against Christopher Steele and his intelligence company Orbis under the Data Protection Act. The 59-year-old former British spy is on trial in London. At the request of Democrats, Steele collected raw, unverified intelligence linking Trump to Russia during the 2016 US election campaign. “Trump is bringing this case because he wants to assert his legal rights,” his lawyer Hugh Tomlinson said.

He risks a fine of 260 thousand euros

Madonna, singer

The Celebration World Tour only lasted one weekend, and Madonna is already facing a £300,000 fine, the equivalent of around €260,000. Due to technical problems, the singer was unable to start her concert in London on time last Sunday. Her team removed some songs from the 140-minute show out of necessity, such as the international hit “Like a Virgin,” but to no avail. The party ended at 11 p.m., half an hour late according to strict British party rules.

He was fired after an anti-Semitic cartoon about the Israeli Prime Minister

Steve Bell, JArt painter

After a career spanning forty years, this time it seems like it’s over for British cartoonist Steve Bell. the reason? New accusations of anti-Semitism. A cartoon of him shows how Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu, wearing boxing gloves, appears to want to cut the borders of Palestine from his stomach. For the newspaper Watchman Bell thus responds to an anti-Semitic scene by Shakespeare. Four hours after Bell submitted the cartoon, the newspaper revealed him.

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