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Killers – pressure machine

This is the seventh album in their 19-year career, ‘Pressure Machine’. A rock band does not have a very large number of albums, but The Killers’ albums combine well in terms of quality. The only downside to this figure is that the previous album, ‘Embossing the Mirage’, was released last year. Is the ‘pressure machine’ too fast? Anyway, this is the return album of guitarist Dave Cooning, who disappeared in ‘Mirage Imploading’ due to a break.

The answer to this question can be easily answered. No, Killers did not release an additional album due to lack of shows. It’s not like that, because the ‘pressure machine’ is simply connected together because we’m used to it. No, the album does not top the Netherlands or Belgium, but in terms of success, it is less popular in killer style countries than English-speaking countries such as Great Britain, Ireland and Australia. Can’t we notice something due to lack of English language knowledge in Canada, USA and New Zealand?

Like its predecessors, the album was co-produced by Shawn Everett and the band Jonathan Rado (Foxigen). As a result, the album guarantees quality, although ‘Pressure Machine’ has one of the biggest drawbacks to our country: it doesn’t really have a song that hits the potential. If we can talk about this in the digital age, ‘Pressure Machine’ consists entirely of album tracks. Good songs, they are tied together, but don’t really get caught up in one or two sessions. And this is something that needs to be done to win a solo.

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You can clearly hear the inspiration of that album and the silence that the band experienced while stopping the Covid-19 tour. Friendman Brandon Flowers grew up partly in the village of Nephi, a Mormon village in Utah, and life there has become a common theme of the band’s seventh album. Short quotes from interviews with villagers were used to give the album more of that atmosphere, and they were a success. This has led the band to move sideways from the well-known indie rock track that the band has been following for years. However, is that the style the band wants to promote from now on?

The killers used the Govit-19 lock to test and pay tribute to the teenage years of the flowers. However, with ‘Pressure Machine’ it delivers a good album surprisingly quickly, though there is the question of whether it deserves the killers. It’s a little swallowable compared to the band’s previous work, but if you don’t notice it, you have an elegant album on your hands. (7/10) (Island Records)