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Kristel will wave goodbye to Clay on the K3 farewell tour: "Hanne and...

Kristel will wave goodbye to Clay on the K3 farewell tour: “Hanne and…

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Kristel Verbeke, the original K3 “black-haired”, went to say goodbye to Klaasje, the “blond” from the second batch of K3 2.0. I reported this on Instagram.

“Of course we wanted to see Klaasje shine for the last time,” wrote Kristel Verbeke. “Thank you dear Klaasje for making so many people happy every time. We wish you the best of luck in everything in store for us.” She also has a message for Hanne and Marthe: “Choose well.”

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Verbeek expressly refers to “we” in her explanation. By this she is referring to Axana Ceulemans who is also in the photo. Ceulemans has been a K3 choreographer for a long time. It was there from the start. “We got our dresses in a colorful shop in Diest,” Het told Nieuwsblad earlier. “If it had a rainbow on it, I would have said, ‘I know a seamstress, we’ll arrange it. We made the coloring pages ourselves, by scanning the drawings and editing them with the computer. We make ends meet with the resources we had.’”


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