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Lawyer Siham Al-Kawakibi opposes the plaintiff ... (Antwerp)

Lawyer Siham Al-Kawakibi opposes the plaintiff … (Antwerp)

/ Antwerp –

The appointment of interim director Anime Moyne in Let’s Go Urban in February is “unacceptable and void.” This is what attorney Joris Verkray defended on Tuesday morning in the Corporations Court in Tongeren. There, opposition to Seham Al Kawakibi was dealt with to appoint the official.

According to Joris Verkray, Let’s Go Urban (LGU) board members outperform Seham Al Kawakibi by appointing an official behind her back and via a one-sided petition. “If they were in good faith, they would have worked with our customers to find a compromise that works for everyone. LGU was not a rudderless vessel.” According to her lawyer, al-Kawakibi has answers to many of the cases she is accused of, but she “was not given enough time to provide a comprehensive answer.” “She will now provide appropriate answers to the questions that were asked to her during the investigation.”

Farkray also believes that the administration has violated its objectivity with certain statements about Al Kawakibi in recent weeks. He asked the Corporate Court to cancel the appointment of the official.

Not an impression

Vercray’s arguments did not affect Chris Lewis, the attorney for the three board members who appointed the official. “Faced with the results of the i-Force audit that was not positive for Kawakibi, her response to the board of directors went in all directions. At first there were crocodile tears, then she asked for time to correct things, but she got angry in the end. According to Luyckx, appointing an administrator was the only option to avoid “cover-up”.

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The Tongeren Business Court will decide on April 27 whether the appointment of the official is justified.

The appointment of Director Moens expires on May 2. Lawyer Luyckx requested an extension of Moens’ appointment for another six months to be borne by Kawakibi’s costs. Annemie Moens herself said the LGU greenhouse is empty. “There are still 46,000 euros in it, but by the end of this month I have to make payments for 60,000 euros.” At the end of this week, the city of Antwerp will decide whether to close the LGU money supply permanently.

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