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Van Lanschot wants to save voice for clients to access it with voice recognition – IT Pro – News

Asset manager Van Lanschot wants to use voice recognition to verify the identity of clients when they contact the bank over the phone. If customers choose this security option, the sound will be saved.

Van Lanschot announces the new verification method on its website. over there Writes The bank that considers voice verification more secure than the current method of asking security questions. Information about verification questions asked to verify a customer’s identity is often easy to find.

The Lancet is not the first bank to use voice authentication. Major foreign banks such as Lloyds Bank, Barclays and Chase also use voice recognition to identify customers when contacting them over the phone.

Since big data leaks happen often, personal data can be recovered more easily. For example Datalk Which was announced to Allekabels earlier this month. Names, addresses, phone numbers, and dates of birth have been leaked, so security questions like the one on Van Lanschot can be answered.

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