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Lies of P sells over a million copies!

Lies of P sells over a million copies!

Lies of P was released on September 19, 2023. A few weeks after release, Meowiz Games shares that they have reached a major milestone with their first game!

Lies of P has sold one million copies! Well deserved, because the game from Meowiz Games was very well put together and received very positive and amazing reviews. Lies of P is a contender for the title of Game Of The Year for fans of the Souls genre. This also applies to the XBNL editorial staff, as you can read in our XBNL review

Overall, I had a great time with Lies of P. The game from Meowiz Games and Round8 Studio is definitely worth the sixty euros required! Lies of P is an action RPG worth watching, and it has its own face. The game tells a compelling story, has smooth and challenging combat, and offers beautiful and fascinating worlds to discover. Lies of P is a very difficult and time consuming game, but it is more than worth playing!

XBNL review by Lies of P

A great achievement for the team, especially since the game can be played via Xbox Game Pass. It is currently unclear whether the game will have a sequel or not. There have been rumors in recent weeks that the studio will be working on DLC, but this has not been confirmed by Meowiz Games.

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