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Linda de Mol has paused jobs after the Voice of Holland was revealed

Linda de Mol has paused jobs after the Voice of Holland was revealed

Dutch presenter Linda de Mol takes a breather after her partner Jeroen Rittbergen is discredited by his aggressive behaviour. She said in a statement that she has now separated from him.

De Mol offers SBS6 programs in the Netherlands such as “This test is for you” and “The dating test”. It was made by her brother’s production company, John de Mol, who is also the creator of The Voice of Holland. The presenter is not directly involved in this program.

It was leaked this weekend that there was frequent talk of cross-border behavior during the recordings of The Voice of Holland. One of the names mentioned is that of Rietbergen, now the former of De Mol. He admitted that he had “contacts of a sexual nature” with candidates. He said he confessed this to his wife and employer before.

De Mol now writes that he is “in a terrible nightmare”. “Many things that I didn’t know about came out, and because they are unknown, I don’t know what is true and what is not. I have now broken off.” She will withdraw “in the near future” and ask that her privacy be respected.

The detection depends on the planned broadcast of the program booWho was the first to denounce the abuse. According to Dutch media, there are dozens of cases of infringing behaviour. He mentioned not only Rietbergen, but also jury member Ali B, against whom a complaint has been filed at the moment. deny everything.

Meanwhile, RTL and production company ITV announced an independent external investigation.

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No broadcast

Meanwhile, the program makers threaten serious hangovers. The 12 episodes already produced will not air, and kids may face the same fate. Major sponsors like Lidl and T-Mobile are withdrawing. Also Singer Anouk Surrender as a jury member. “I don’t want to work where a number of men have abused their position for years, and where they have deliberately chosen to remain silent and look the other way.”