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Linda Hakibaum on post-treatment concerns: 'The seeds of unrest linger'

Linda Hakibaum on post-treatment concerns: ‘The seeds of unrest linger’

After the treatments were over, Linda says, another intense period began. She has firm memories of that intense period of treatment, something for which she is being treated by a psychiatrist. “I noticed it was very intense. Before that it was very clear: you are sick and you are undergoing treatment. Now I have to do it myself again, while I was just run over by a steam locomotive, my body has not cooperated yet and mentally it is not going the way I want.”

The presenter says that the fear of recurring cancer may always be present. Linda underwent another operation after chemotherapy, during which the doctors noticed that there were still some living cancer cells. She gets the message that “maybe” everything is cut off, but they can’t give her a guarantee. “They can only say it looks really good. I’m going to have another check up in February, which is very exciting again. That seed of turmoil is still there.”

However, she is entering the new year with a good feeling. “I enjoy every moment and everyone I meet. My only real goal for 2022 is to write a book about everything I’ve been through. It will be an extension of my vlogs, where I can dig deeper into this issue.”

Linda previously said in Aran on tour She also had to get used to the “new” Linda.