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Linkeroever housing block takes a step in the fight against global warming … (Antwerp)

Linkeroever housing block takes a step in the fight against global warming … (Antwerp)

Laurentop is Chairman of the VME Board of Directors. 150 families live in an apartment complex in Charles de Coasterlane. After a number of discussions, 88 percent of owners voted in favor of a comprehensive renovation, in order to meet the more stringent climate requirements step by step.

“Obviously a big investment. The planned facade renovation of the building will cost about four million euros. The city’s financial and technical advice was a great help in persuading the owners. Moreover, we can count on subsidies and interest-free loans “, says Sonia Laurentop.

Cut carbon dioxide emissions in half by 2030

The city of Antwerp wants to encourage residents of large outdated apartment buildings to adapt their buildings to new climatic requirements. Brabo I is one of the first projects to start working. In total, fifteen files were started in Antwerp, representing 1,173 homes.

Sonia Lorentop: “Regeneration is good for the climate and the population. With the support of the city, it must remain accessible to all.” © Joris Heregoods

“In Antwerp there are many large, outdated apartment buildings that could use a climate transition. The climate benefits of these renovation projects are enormous. They guarantee the financial value of the legacy and help achieve Antwerp’s climate goals,” says Alderman of environmentalist Tom Mews (Forwitt) .

By 2030, the city aims to at least halve carbon dioxide emissions on its land and be climate-neutral by 2050. A quarter of emissions in 2019 will be from households in Antwerp. In Antwerp, 71% of homes are in a combined apartment building.

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Join or sell anyway

Since two-thirds of the apartment building owners in Linkeroever have approved a facade renovation, work will begin next fall. 12 percent of those who disagree with the renewal will have no choice but to invest or sell their apartment.

On the other hand, we have made an individual financial plan for each owner. “It’s about long-term investments, as many people can count on subsidies and interest-free loans,” says Brett Burgess, a renewal coach in Antwerp.

This should ensure that renewal is within everyone’s reach. “This process is an improvement for each owner and the value of the apartment increases,” continues the renovation coach. Sonja Lorrentop also believes in collaboration with the city.

“Our building is suffering from concrete rot. This deficiency will also be addressed during the renovation process and all the terraces will also be renovated. Of course, for various reasons, there are people who are not involved in this story. We still want to convince them.”

An average of thirty thousand euros

The average cost of renovating the facade for each apartment is estimated at about thirty thousand euros. In Prabowo 1, sixty residents can apply for an Antwerp allowance to renovate their home.

This is a subsidy of nearly nine thousand euros per apartment. The rest of the amount must be paid by the owner himself or borrowed without interest or not. Whether someone qualifies for an interest-free loan depends, among other things, on income.

The city of Antwerp prioritizes the guidance and support of people in apartment buildings with more than twenty homes and those over twenty years of age. “By manipulating these buildings, we can make the biggest gains for the climate. Antwerp has six hundred such buildings, and so does the calculations,” says Tom Mewes.

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After the renovation of the facade, it is intended to address other matters in the apartment building in Linkeroever. Including tubes. “This will be done at a later stage to maintain its financial viability for the owners. The city and the renovation coach will also guide us for the next steps,” says Sonia Lorentop.