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Flanders is Europe's leading recycling company |  the interior

Flanders is Europe’s leading recycling company | the interior

In 2014, materials for consumption consisted of 15.9 percent of secondary raw materials. In 2016 it was 19 percent, and in 2018 the proportion rose to 20.7 percent. “This is good progress,” says Luke Aerts, director of the Circular Economy Support Center. The Circular Economy Research Center, which unites researchers from different universities, comes to its conclusions by combining five years of research in an online screen. On the basis of more than 110 indicators, the presence of Flanders in the sphere of the circular economy was examined. “The watchdog is the starting point for more policy options,” says Aerts.

But it’s also important to take a broader view: How good are these secondary materials? The following steps are also necessary: ​​Sharing products will become important,” continues Alaerts. In addition, the goal is to reduce the waste flow at the household level. Fleming generated an average of 143.5 kg of waste remaining in 2019, compared to 158.6 kg in 2013 The Flemish government’s goal is to reach 100 kilograms by 2030. “There is still a long way to go. Therefore, focusing on that is important,” concludes the Director of the Circular Economy Support Center.

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