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Linkin Park sued by ex-guitarist: 'They never paid me a dime' |  celebrities

Linkin Park sued by ex-guitarist: ‘They never paid me a dime’ | celebrities

The conflict between Linkin Park and Kyle Christner arose after the re-release of the debut album “Hybrid Theory” (2002) in 2020. The former guitarist did not receive any income for it, although he earns it. That’s what Christner alleges in his complaint. “Christner was not paid a dime for his work with Linkin Park and is not credited,” his lawyer said. “The defendants benefited from his creative works.”

Christner also claims to have worked on twenty songs on the “Hybrid Theory” reissue. He also had a lead role on “Can Have Been”, a previously unreleased demo song which has been viewed 949,000 times on YouTube. According to the musician, he is “co-author of several songs in the collection.” He therefore claims to become a co-owner of the copyright to Songs He receives compensation for his work.

In 1999, Christner was part of a rock band. He was fired when Linkin Park signed a recording contract with Warner Records. But before he left, he said he played guitar on several demo recordings and co-wrote several yet-to-be-released songs.

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