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Live music from Line-Up and a space for young talents

Live music from Line-Up and a space for young talents

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Vigil | In the Café of Culture De Afzakkerij on Noordkade in Veghel, the band will perform Line-Up on Sunday 12 June between 3 and 5 pm. With soul band, disco and pop, you have a complete set for every musical event.

The twelve-piece assortment, including wind players, means contrast. The night before Saturday 11 June, a young musician generation from his municipality will be on the same stage for his musical fireworks display. This includes pop/rock band Clover of their own, then Queen Anne’s Revenge, alternative rock formation, and finally headliner Willem Bennenbroek (aka William Ben).

The 12-piece assortment of the Line-Up lineup, including wind starters, exemplifies diversity. Variation in styles, voices, characters, and ages. However, all members of the band want the same thing: good music and above all enjoyment. With each other and with the public. All this leads to a wide repertoire. Not only were the most popular hits, but “forgotten” gems were also featured by artists such as Aretha Franklin, Elvis, Bruno Mars, Candy Staton, Stevie Wonder, Dee Deck, Golden Earring and Marvin Gaye.
There is also space for a full “error” clock guilty pleasures From, for example, Boney M., Wham, Abba and Marianne Rosenberg. In any case, Line-Up offers something for both the dance lover and the quiet connoisseur.

Admission on both days is free.