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Lotte Kuipke, the true empress of 't Kuipke: "I feel goosebumps" |  Lotto sang six days

Lotte Kuipke, the true empress of ‘t Kuipke: “I feel goosebumps” | Lotto sang six days

With 4 disciplines spread over two days, the women get their own mini version of the Six Days of Ghent.

“That’s enough in the middle of our winter,” laughs Lottie Kopecky. “During this period I maintain my feeling on the slopes and this is useful.”

The decibel meter clearly turned red when the Belgian leading lady was introduced to the Ghent crowd. “This is a little bit of a home game.”

“I don’t ride in ‘t Kuipke very often, much more so in Blaarmeersen. But this is an excellent opportunity to show my rainbow jersey to the Belgian public.”

“It went better than expected,” Kopecky later responded after her elimination and points race victories. Although they still need to make some progress in this last discipline.

“I think the French woman came onto the Côte d’Azur (the blue strip of piste). She made a very strange maneuver when I wanted to pass her and I had to brake suddenly, but there’s nothing wrong.”

“It feels good and I’m very happy about it. Everyone starts here with a scared heart, but everything went well.”

Kopecky got a clean sheet in Ghent. “I got goosebumps while performing. The audience appreciates us and it’s so nice to have that with women’s cycling.”

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