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Lukaku: “It has been proven in the past two years that I belong to the list of world strikers” |  Instagram news VTM

Lukaku: “It has been proven in the past two years that I belong to the list of world strikers” | Instagram news VTM

Red DevilsHere are Romelu Lukaku’s last words before the clash of the Red Devils With Cristiano Ronaldo. “Oh, it won’t be about penalty shootouts. We have a lot of killers for that.”

For example

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06-25-21, 20:15

His aura is increasing day by day.

“Lewandowski, Benzema, Cristiano, Suarez, Kane, … world-class strikers. But I’ve always been in good shape. Well, in the past two years I’ve proven that I belong in that list too. That was my motivation. I wanted to take that step.” – next level. “

Winning the European Championship now would be “the ultimate crowning achievement”.

“Those are dreams. I don’t talk about it out loud.”

He wanted to talk about Cristiano Ronaldo. “I’d like to get his dribbling. And his kicking style. Does he also want something from me? Maybe my strength and my purpose.”

athletes together. Attackers of the world, too. With extreme hunger. “Will I also play as many internationals as him? How much does he have now? 178? That’s a lot, huh, man. (Laughs) His numbers are impressive. I remember we were close to Serie A top scorer when Juventus were eliminated from the Champions League. Europe. Cristiano was criticized. I thought, “Wow, that can’t be right. Do you know how he reacted? With a hat-trick against Cagliari in twenty minutes. That drive sets him apart.”


Lukaku is just like this. He also likes to give a lot of attention to critics. “When I watched ‘The Last Dance’ and saw Michael Jordan talking about the motivation behind criticism, I thought, ‘I’m not alone.’ (Smiles) I’m not saying I’m Michael Jordan, hey, but some just need that. Cristiano always wants to be the best, he wants to get Over all records. Mbappe wants to win it all – to be ‘the next man’. Well, I need that motivation too. That outside competition. ‘Do you like her better than me?’ ‘Okay. Then I’ll prove you wrong.’

It makes expectations bigger and bigger. Lukaku should lead us to the quarter-finals on Sunday. “I know I’ll be there – the motivation and the hunger in our group is also very high. We have to be smart. If we all advance together, we will pay it cash. Look, in the semi-final against France at the World Cup we were not normal enough. We wanted to play “So much beautiful football. We messed it up. But now we have different ways to win,” Lukaku said. “And in terms of expectations: If I play badly on Sunday night, I will disappoint myself and the team.”

What a personality.

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