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Mallorca Airport receives unexpected visitors

Mallorca Airport receives unexpected visitors

A Ryanair Boeing 737 and a Discover Airlines Airbus A330 made an unscheduled landing at Palma de Mallorca Airport.

One of the planes, an unspecified Ryanair plane, was on its way from a city in Morocco to a destination in Germany. However, during flight, pilots will exceed the maximum flight time. As a result, it was decided to make an unplanned landing at Palma de Mallorca Airport. Ryanair could have solved the problem there, and then the plane would still depart towards its destination.

Over the Mediterranean, an A330 was diverted to Mallorca© due to a technical fault

Technical problem

More information is known about the other device. The Airbus A330, registered D-AIKB, took off from Windhoek, the capital of Namibia, at 7:10 p.m. local time, en route to Frankfurt, Germany. This aircraft arrived in the Mediterranean via Central Africa and experienced an unspecified technical malfunction. As a result, it was also decided to land on the Spanish island. According to the Mallorca Daily Bulletin Emergency services were called in both cases. Since one of the planes made an unplanned landing on the island in November 2021, which later turned out to be a false report of a medical emergency, a specific protocol has been followed in such cases. 22 passengers from Casablanca (Morocco) tried to enter Spain illegally in this way.

The rest of the trip

Ultimately, emergency services did not have to intervene with either device. Although the Irish low-cost carrier's Boeing 737 was able to continue its journey, Discover Airlines' A330 flew off, according to Aviation Radar24 Back to Frankfurt tonight only. It is not known what was ultimately arranged for the affected passengers.

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