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This is the only exception that allows cars to drive at 150 km/h in Spain

This is the only exception that allows cars to drive at 150 km/h in Spain

The speed limit in Spain is 120 km/h on motorways and motorways. However, there is an exceptional exception to the speed limits for motorized traffic. But does this exception apply to every motorist, or are there conditions associated with it? Read all about this strange deviation from standard traffic rules.

This exception to the speed limit is symbolized by traffic sign V-12. This allows car manufacturers to test their cars on public roads at speeds exceeding normal limits. It's a strange anomaly that makes it possible to safely explore the limits of technology and performance, while the rest of the traffic has to follow the usual rules.

In particular, Spain's vehicle legislation allows car manufacturers to carry out tests on motorways, highways and other roads where it is necessary to exceed public speed limits. The speed limit is set at 150 km/h, a speed that usually means a fine of at least 100 euros for each driver on the motorway.

To avoid this fine, vehicles authorized to travel at these speeds must carry two plates bearing the letters “FV” (Traffic Signal V-12 of the Traffic Code). This indicates that it is an officially permitted test vehicle.

The article in the traffic regulations governing these testing activities states that the margin shall not exceed 30 kilometers per hour above the normal permitted speed for that road. This means that on the conventional road the speed of the test vehicles (equipped with the V-12 nameplate) will be increased from 90 to 120 km/h and on the highway or motorway from 120 to 150 km/h.

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