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Mark Zuckerberg personally vetoed the proposal to remove filters from Instagram  Internet

Mark Zuckerberg personally vetoed the proposal to remove filters from Instagram Internet

Several senior people at Meta, the parent company of Facebook, Instagram and WhatsApp, then just Facebook, supported its removal from Instagram based on outside experiences and research on the impact of filters. Zuckerberg dropped that himself, CNN reported based on an uncensored version of the complaint. In the online version available to the public, sections relating to this incident have been deleted. US states recently filed a lawsuit against Meta over the harmful effects of Instagram on teens.

Two years later, Zuckerberg ignored proposals to improve user well-being on Instagram by building different tools. This happened before it became known that the tech company had known for years that Instagram was causing significant psychological damage to young users.

The events also show that Zuckerberg, as founder and majority shareholder, still has all the power within Meta and that his personal decisions affect hundreds of millions to billions of users. Because he is in control, there are no shareholders who can replace him in the event of mismanagement or who can override him.

In response to these incidents, Meta says filters are being used on more online services. β€œWhile filters exist on every major social platform and smartphone cameras, Meta blocks those that directly promote plastic surgery, skin discoloration, or extreme weight loss. We clearly indicate when a filter is being used and proactively test the effects against these rules.” before publishing it.

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