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Marketers are now only interested in the iOS 14 update

Marketers are now only interested in the iOS 14 update

Eight out of ten marketers are concerned about the iOS 14.5 update, which makes it more difficult to collect important data for analyzing online marketing campaigns.

The realization that Apple only now entails this restriction appears to be reaching out to online marketers. At least for now, TraceDock’s investigation sheds light on this element. Update 14.5 was already released this spring.

“Many marketers I spoke to think app tracking is the biggest issue with this iOS update,” says Boris Schlekens, Director of TraceDock. “Those who advertise via Facebook are really upset about users having to give apps permission to share data. But e-commerce companies face a challenge. Bigger and more compelling.Facebook’s in-app Safari browser is seen as a standalone browser from iOS 14 onwards.As a result, it is not possible to establish a link between your website in Safari and Facebook’s in-app browser.As a result, they lose data from clients , who return to the site after payment, to measure the success of Facebook’s campaigns.”

It’s surprising that fifteen percent of online marketers have no idea what impact this change will have on their internet marketing analysis. “There is a huge cognitive difference between marketers. They are chasing facts and have not responded to this change all this time.”

Photo: Tom Dregers (Copy)

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