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Matches Red flames move from VTM to Play

The Red Flames, the Belgian national women’s soccer team, will no longer be shown on VTM but on Play. The parent company SBS announced on Tuesday that it has acquired the rights for the next two years and will broadcast all training matches and World Cup qualifiers live.

“Women’s football is a sport in full development.” To get more out of the game for the public, you need more visibility. So we are very happy to be providing the necessary impetus with the Flea family to create that visibility. This way we can take women’s football together to a new level.

The Red Flames are trying to qualify for the 2023 World Cup in Australia and New Zealand. They will begin their qualifying campaign in Poland and against it next Friday, September 17th. The match can be watched on via Play4 and Live Stream at 6.40pm. Four days later – on Tuesday 21 September – the Red Flames will play a second qualifier against Albania at King Pavodin Stadium. The match will be broadcast live on Play 4 and from 8.10pm.

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