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Matthijs makes an emotional appeal.  Why eat New Zealand apples when they are available ‘around the corner’.

Matthijs makes an emotional appeal. Why eat New Zealand apples when they are available ‘around the corner’.

North Holland fruit growers often grow good organic apples, but supermarkets still get containers full of apples from as far away as New Zealand. Lutjebroek’s vegetable and fruit trader Matthijs Post could not understand it. He constantly fills his vegetable and fruit packets with local organic ingredients.

Making Vegetable and Fruit Packages – Mark Ruik

A few years ago, Matthijs switched jobs to a well-paid job for the uncertain adventure of being a freelance entrepreneur. The fruit was born to him and as a boy he grew his own strawberries. He no longer grows vegetables, but naturally grown fruits and vegetables still determine his life. “Call me an idealist, but I mainly do what I want,” says Mathiz.

Each week he delivers responsible fruits and vegetables to companies in self-assembled packages. More and more private individuals can pick up healthy boxes at a service center in North Holland. The boxes are filled with locally grown ingredients. Packages are an organic variant of the well-known ‘Hellofresh’. But the contents of Matthijs’ boxes are sure to come from local farmers in the North Holland.

Then help me, I can not do it alone!

mathijs post

A good story, but it’s hard work, spending a lot of hours and not earning so much, Matiz sighs. But healthy eating is very important to him, which is why he supports farmers who work naturally and responsibly. He considers it an honor to sell these beautiful items. He wants to win some big customers to make his goal possible, but for that he needs some help. “The province thinks this is a good initiative, but it will help if they turn words into actions,” said the vegetable trader.

Taste Office: Students help – nh / marcruyg

Proud as a peacock, the Matthijs Post shows a box of shiny aubergines. “The first crop of horticultural students in the area, nothing better than this”. The relationship with the school is good and the students help to pack the vegetable packs together every week. The paper bags are carefully counted, the carrots weighed, and then tied.

Taste Office: Vegetable Packets Ready for Export – nh / marcruyg

Matthijs sees his company not only as a supplier of locally grown fruits and vegetables, but also as an advertiser of well-developed products. “We need to teach children now the importance of healthy eating so that they can benefit later,” Matthijs teaches. Proud of the specialty vegetables that grow ‘around the corner’. White and yellow beets, orange cauliflower and many other crops not found in the supermarket. We all have a lot more work to do before we eat local seasonal vegetables.

Pack and make
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