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Medical advice from Geert Mayfrut and 'foul-smelling condoms' according to Margaret Hermans: This was 'the smartest person in the world'

Medical advice from Geert Mayfrut and ‘foul-smelling condoms’ according to Margaret Hermans: This was ‘the smartest person in the world’

On his return, Gert Mayfruit, the smartest fighter in the world, gave good advice about acid diseases and Margaret Hermanns. The latter, like fellow jury Barbara Sarafian, didn’t utter words when it came to condoms.

Last night’s winner:

Geert Meyfroidt played hard on his comeback and gave the young opponent a beating in a segment of the Sportweekend. Intensive won by a straight lead.


In the final, Acid suffered a blackout, when asked about star WarsPersonalities. Actress Anne-Laure Vandeputte has smartly lowered herself and played a ruthless house Youtuber. With four posts, she definitely deserves her spot in recent weeks.

Tonight’s newcomer:

Virologist Stephen Van Gucht.

Best quotes:

Acid: “I was experiencing pain in my testicles, due to a pinched nerve in my back. I had to go to the squatters, and then it was gone.”

Mayphrodt changed: “What did they do?”

Acid: “My lower back.”

Mayfreudt: “Happy.”


Margaret Hermans: “I recently had a fever, and I put thermometers everywhere. Under my armpits, under my tongue, and in my goods.”

Mayfreudt: “That’s the right order.”


Hermans: (about cycling) My mother once said: Margaretji, I’m going to buy a “gay trainer”. “

The most beautiful moment:

“I asked two ladies on the jury about a little fat. But it is more than that.” Eric Van Lowe saw how Margaret Hermans and Barbara Sarafian had a great time. Especially when it comes to condoms. “They blow out the experimental condom, and they use it for sucking,” Sarfyan said, with a playful smirk. Hermans, in turn, turned out to be not a fan. “Condoms stink. I don’t think it smells good.”

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