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Trends are coming your way from Italy

What has changed in Italy Corona How did they adapt to the crisis and the national game No. 1 in Italy (not to mention football for a moment)? The food, it may have been a little more interesting in Italy, has positively changed the timing of the epidemic taking place in Italy. Besides pizza, now you can choose from a variety of balanced foods, finally a healthy choice.

I was recently surprised, my pizzeria offered fried squid with fennel and whole grain rice pieces, in addition to the simple pizza I normally eat for two days. As a result of this corona period less than 54% of Italian consumers switched to one Healthy Ann Biology For many plant foods such as food and especially fresh meat substitutes (fake meat). Food in Italy has never been food, but gradually the conversation has expanded to the extent that you eat to stay healthy. As a result, people are increasingly looking for ways to strengthen their immune system. Demand for such products Rhubarb, Sponge And the exclusive type of tomato is growing strongly, I bought another kilo yesterday Casalino From Lazio At 50 to 5.50 per kilo, a feast, but no doubt always the tastiest tomato.

As I mentioned about wine last week: the trend is similar, important and culturally important as a rare variety or purple asparagus Albenga (€ 15, – per kg) Zucchini-pepper. Not only does the taste change, but lunch is finally a luxury, flexible working time, which is no longer practical, which is why many Italian restaurants are already thinking about a suitable menu at any time. Unfortunately, the store’s lunch break has not changed yet (grr). Takeout and delivery have become so popular that we see new start-ups in big cities.Dark kitchenI have mastered this in an Italian way, see example NaniAnd Furban.

Example of Forben delivered to your home.

Restaurants in Italy have gone through a real shock over the last two years, but surprising things have happened, and suddenly we see a lot more discoveries. Restaurants and especially chefs have found time to explore their craft, and a greater focus on the look of the basic products has led many chefs to reduce the time they have to pick and harvest ingredients for their recipes. That’s the way it is Looking for prey Origin, collection practice – without harm to nature – food that grows in forests, mountains, forests, meadows and fields. At home we also checked in the kitchen, during the first lock. “At home“The trend is omnipotent: breads and pizzas are as baked as ever, and brewer’s yeast has led to supermarket shelves Sour. We bought flour for the first time at the plant and got the first groceries directly from the farmer.

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Castellino Tomatoes

Cornetti, chocolate puff pastry gilded with cream

At the other end of the spectrum of healthy sandwiches, but these calorie shells are creamy tasty. Think of a fresh croissant or Berlin bread, but filled with a variety of creams or sweet ricotta like pistachio, almond, hazelnut and of course chocolate. A new trend, but it is not yet agreed where it might come from Trentino Up to Sicily Anyway, this is a treat with an espresso. As the bars searched for new sources of income, they suddenly ran into cream dispensers to serve breakfast. Customers can fill the bar with their daily garneto with a cream of their choice. A good return on a small investment for a coffee is because bars usually charge 2 to 3 euros extra for creams.

Cornetti Kevalt with creams

Ugly aesthetics

A good new brand, Christina Focasy, The founder calls himself the ‘Scenic Estate’. That lady is out Presia, The highest death toll from Corona in Lombardy was 5.3 million on online beauty devices during the lock-in period. In a month. Kovil says he wants to pay less to save the father of his business partner who died. The best seller of this beauty brand Veralop The so-called Slim-me Bandages (€ 77), bandages enriched with natural salts and active herbal ingredients, filtration and toxicity. Versatile Concentrated oil (€ 20), is a blend of plant juices that nourishes, moisturizes and cleanses the skin.

Veralab Main Store in Milan

His promotion methods are unique; In 2020 he traveled through Italy in a small truck powered by electricity in 20 stages, where he planted his Fuchsia colored car in the village square.. Veralop’s products are indebted to individuals for their success Skin test You will get in a small leaflet: first you do a skin test, then it is easy to recommend the best products. The test consists of two strips of paper to be glued to your skin for ten seconds, after which you should compare the strips with descriptions of dry, normal and oily skin.

Customized gelato

Like 17 in Milan

Artisan gelato shop Custo 17 in Milan makes all ice cream dreams come true. Custo 17’s kitchen is what they are now called “Taste of Options”, A gelato taste is possible for followers on Instagram and Facebook suggestions (#gustodeidesidideri), Join immediately I will say! I can not seriously imagine a better reason citytrip To Milan. Custo 17 can be found at Savona 17 and Cognola 10 at the Arco della Base in Milan. You can also visit the Vòce Aimo e Nadia (Palzzo della Scala), Eataly Smeralda and the large La Rinacente in Milan You can order this gelato in Italy and serve it. Look

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Raw fish

Raw swordfish with zucchini flowers and caviar from Andy Lutto

I almost understand that love for Italy is rediscovering Southern Italian Raw fish, which is an old tradition and something you see more and more on the menu in northern Italy, is becoming more and more creative, and above all it is beautiful! I have written many times about the love of Italians for sushi and sashimi. In some parts of Rome, As Austians Two years ago I saw almost 10 sushi bars. Raw fish dishes have come here since ancient times, mainly they came Baklia. The big difference between Raw fish And the Japanese way of raw fish? In Italy you eat raw fish with a variety of sauces, e.g. Mint, capers, various citrus fruits or, for example, vegetables such as fennel and broad beans. The product like creative raw fish soup is different Chef Andy Credit, You traditionally eat fish as a tuna or squid carpaccio, but you can eat this just like sea urchins.

Groom supplies for dogs

T-Doc van Diego della Palma

Italians love dogs and sometimes I think more dogs live here than people. As the epidemic forced many to stay at home, more and more people decided to adopt a dog. Diego of Palma, A popular Italian grooming and makeup line, which plays and starts a grooming line for dogs. To take good care of your sweet four foot friend’s coat and comfort, the products are made with 100% vegetarian formulas. Among the products we have a health spray, shampoo for black dogs, white dogs, long hair or short hair (expect a shampoo for many colors). All D.Doc Pet beauty shampoos are made without silicones, sweeteners and natural cleansing agents and are made with probiotics to prevent unpleasant odors and irritations. Diego de Palma products are also available online:

What should be another trend in Italy?

Italy and Slow food Inseparable, but what happens in the field Slow journey. In our opinion, always very low. We hope that Italy will look into the New Zealand tourism initiative, which aims to actively promote slower travel, plant trees from tourism, implement projects to protect marine biotopes, and improve living conditions and the environment from economic growth.