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Microsoft Teams has 145 million users – IT Pro – News

Microsoft Teams now has 145 million users. The company announced this in the context of publishing the quarterly figures. This indicates that cloud services and the sale of Xbox hardware have once again led to a significant increase in profits and sales turnover.

The number was 145 million in Micorsoft Teams among others Jeff Teper confirmed, Vice president of department responsible for Microsoft 365. This number was 115 million users in October last year and represents a 26 percent increase over that number. The difference was still at 32 million daily users in mid-March last year, at the start of the Corona pandemic, and by the end of April 2020, that number was already 75 million.

When it comes to games, Microsoft has done just as well Previous quarter good job. Xbox sales were up 232 percent in the quarter. However, Microsoft did not mention a concrete turnover number. This sharp increase compared to the same quarter last year is not surprising, given that there were no new consoles at that time; Microsoft says the new consoles, specifically the Xbox Series X and S, are responsible for this current increase. Revenue from Xbox services and content, including Xbox Game Pass, increased 34%; ZeniMax is now also included in this.

The total turnover of all cloud services increased by 14 percent, which according to Microsoft can be explained by the growth of Office 365 for businesses. Its sales volume increased by 22 percent. Revenue from the Smart Cloud component increased by 23 percent to $ 15.1 billion, which was achieved in part by increasing revenue by 50 percent in the Azure component. Microsoft 365 customers increased by 27 percent to 50.2 million.

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In total, Microsoft recorded sales of $ 41.7 billion, an increase of 19 percent over the same quarter of the previous year. Profits totaled $ 15.5 billion, up 44 percent.