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Minister Demir sends an eyebrow to 3M: 'Delays must ...

Minister Demir sends an eyebrow to 3M: ‘Delays must …

Flemish Environment Minister Saturn Demir (N-VA) has sent minutes to the Belgian headquarters of US company 3M and to more than a dozen individual directors of the company, it announced in VTM News. They will be provided with more information until October 1, 2021 at the latest.

After consulting with the Flemish government, Minister Demir takes a formal legal step to ensure that the US company 3M takes responsibility for it.

Tonight’s debt preparers sent a formal notice of default to 3M’s Belgium headquarters, the Zwijndrecht subsidiary and to more than a dozen individual company managers.

In the coming days, the same will happen across the ocean at 3M’s US headquarters and the directors of its parent company 3M Company. They include Vice President of Environmental Affairs Rebecca Tetters and CEO Michael Roman. Become Friday Tetters Questioned at the PFOS Committee, but only gave evasive answers.

“After Friday’s session, I only think of one thing: 3 million, What does PFAS do?? The Flemish have a right to clarity and all procrastination must stop. By October 1, 3M should come up with resources, methods to address treatment, and more information,” Demir explained in a press release.

She says she wants to put pressure on the company so that the company finally takes responsibility. “After speaking to 3M for several months, I can see that there is not even a start to a show. We want to have all the information but we also want to know how they will deal with this pollution and how the costs that have been incurred will be paid for,” the minister said in the studio. VTM News.

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If the company does not respond to this notice of default, Demir will enter discussions within the Flemish government and consider starting proceedings to prosecute the multinational under criminal, civil and/or administrative law.