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The highest transfer between Ford and Apple

Doug Field, who is responsible for developing the Apple Car, is moving to Ford.

Ford has kidnapped the head of Apple’s automotive division. Doug Field was responsible for special projects at Apple. In this position, he has been responsible for Project Titan – developing a self-driving electric car – since 2018. Prior to that, he was assigned to Tesla, where he was instrumental in launching the Model 3.

At Ford, Field will be responsible for ‘Advance Technology’. His work will include developing smart applications for cars. For Field, the appointment meant a return to the automobile company where he began his career as an engineer in 1987.

Project Titan

For Apple, Feld’s departure represents a setback, according to analysts. The Apple car project has seen many strategic and leadership changes since it began to take shape in 2014.

Previously, there were reports that Apple wanted to launch its first model with its own battery system by 2024, whether or not it was in cooperation with a major automaker. Apple never communicated about this.

Under the leadership of new CEO Jim Farley, Ford is increasingly working to convince investors that it is competitive in electric driving and technology.

As upsetting as the CEO’s departure is, there is no doubting the lethargy. Earlier this year, Apple also brought in some major auto manufacturers to take over from Field, such as Ulrich Kranz, the former CEO of BMW.

boost for ford

By 2030, 40 percent of all cars sold by the US automaker should be electric. To implement the Ford+ plan, the company will invest more than $30 billion, Farley announced in the spring. The money will go not only to the development of electric cars, but also to the production of their own batteries.

Since October, when Farley took over at Ford, the automaker’s share has nearly doubled.