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Mobile Vikings Increases Data Subscriptions Limit Without Raising Prices – Tablets & Phones – News

Idd, it's always a requirement for me

They call that boundary outside the package

Mobile Vikings has that
Base has it
Telenet has that too, but it's well hidden

These strict limits are often confused with the internet limit abroad (which all EU providers must implement by law), but this only limits data abroad and only if it exceeds 50 + VAT (€60). This is too late. 60 euros in addition to your subscription…
This type of limit does not help you accidentally call from a country outside the European Union or against a texting game where all… Receive SMS costs you 2 or 5 euros!!!

My last two cases were:
1) I was on a tourist boat and apparently my mobile phone dropped very briefly on an antenna in the middle of the Mediterranean (EU) and it was a satellite connection, so 50 euros per megabyte… this joke got 300 Euros poorer in one night.
2) On a Greek island (I think it's KOS) I was on the east coast where you can look over to Turkey, and God knows why my mobile called that… well, 75 euros is poorer again.

So, yes, I always look for out-of-bundle max settings with a new provider (or ask a new provider about them)
In fact, the maximum number of products out of the package is no more than what we are used to with prepaid (never spend more than you expect)

If you find more information from other providers that have this, let me know and I'll document it

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Note: Hey telecom does not have an adjustable limit, it only has the mandatory EU data limit of €50
Youphone has the following:…OPbWWu86oR5QaAg0xEALw_wcB

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