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The European Union wants to invest €2.1 billion in supercomputers for generative artificial intelligence – IT Pro – News

The European Commission wants to invest €2.1 billion in supercomputers under the EuroHPC project. These supercomputers should be available to startups, among other things. For example, the Commission wants to accelerate the development of generative AI in Europe.

Europe needs a healthy startup and innovation ecosystem to reap the benefits of generative AI and risk management. Writes the European Commission. For this reason, the Commission has developed an action plan to strengthen this ecosystem. For example, the committee talks about artificial intelligence factories; European public supercomputers aim to develop artificial intelligence. These AI factories must also include experts in supercomputing and artificial intelligence. Data professionals, researchers, startups, and others should be able to use these AI factories.

The AI ​​supercomputers will be part of the EuroHPC JU supercomputer project, in which the EU is investing 8 billion euros from 2018 to 2027. Specialized AI supercomputers must be created within the EuroHPC JU, for which an investment of 2.1 billion has been provided. Euros for her. These supercomputers are only permitted for use by organizations that will use them to create “ethical and responsible AI models and systems.” These supercomputers allow organizations to train AI models faster; A few weeks instead of six to nine months, according to the European Commission. The Commission says this training would also be tens of millions of euros cheaper than using commercial cloud services.

In addition to AI factories, the Commission wants to invest additionally in common European data spaces. This data includes, for example, health, media, mobility, tourism and agriculture. The Commission wants to expand these data spaces so that more qualitative data is available to train AI models.

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The Commission is also providing one hundred million euros for investment in start-ups and start-ups. The European Commission hopes that by investing in these organizations, governments and other investors will also want to invest in these organizations. The Commission says this would ultimately free up €1 billion in investment.