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More clarity on cancellation of subway charges tomorrow only: ‘Everything must be put on paper’

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It was expected that the Zeeland Commissioner would be able to name a year by the end of Thursday afternoon or by Thursday evening, when the tunnel could go free. But according to Van der Moss, the minister needs some more time.

Letter to the House of Representatives and the Provincial Council

Van der Moss spoke about a good and constructive dialogue with Minister Visser about the purpose of making the tunnel free of charge before 2033. Representatives and our Provincial Council. “

The date is called Friday

In that letter, MPs and MPs from Geeland will receive footage of the toll-free tunnel, which will include a date. “Such a situation would include a date. But the Minister assured me that the date of election would be up to a new cabinet.” Van der Moss understands this. “After all, this is a huge amount.”

340 million euros

For example, if WesterSheldNet is free next year, it will be on a missed route fee of 40 340 million, according to Van der Moss. “That amount should be on the table.”

The amount of 340 million euros required by 2022 if the Westerschelde tunnel is free of charge is stated in the reports. In political circles, the year 2025 is often mentioned in recent months.

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