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More than $7 million in compensation for the victim of the cooking spray explosion  outside

More than $7 million in compensation for the victim of the cooking spray explosion outside

An American woman from Pennsylvania has received compensation of at least $7.1 million (6.7 million euros) from a cooking spray manufacturer. The woman was seriously injured while working when an aerosol can containing cooking oil caught fire.

Tammy Reese, who suffered very serious burns, is the first of many burn victims in the United States with similar stories of incidents involving cooking spray, according to her attorney.

Reese was working in the kitchen in May 2017 when a can of Swell cooking spray “suddenly and without warning” exploded into a fireball. She suffered severe second-degree burns to her head, face, arms and hands. Craig Smith, one of her lawyers, said scar tissue still limits her movement six years later.

Burn victims

Chicago-based Conagra Brands produces several cooking spray brands, including popular supermarket brand Pam, which is also available in the Netherlands. The company said in a statement that it disagrees with the jury’s ruling and that “the safety of our products and our consumers is always a top priority for Conagra.”

“We are committed to our cooking spray products, which are safe and effective when used properly,” the statement read. The manufacturer is considering appealing the ruling.

According to Attorney Smith, there are more than 50 other cases pending against ConAgra from burn victims across the country. Conagra says Pam and other cooking sprays have clear warning labels on the front and back to tell consumers that the product is flammable and should not be left on or near a stove or heat source.

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