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Mow a little less in May: "My garden is no longer wild, it's teeming with life"

Mow a little less in May: “My garden is no longer wild, it’s teeming with life”

What exactly do you expect from the participants?

Demolmeister: “We don’t want to get rid of the sleek“ blues ”, but we do want to get rid of the tight billiard cloth. Reducing the yield is enough to make your lawn more environmentally friendly. For example, by leaving a portion of the lawn alone for a few weeks, you can create different lengths and dynamic environments In the garden. This can be done in an elegant way, for example by leaving a mohawk in the middle or zigzagging with the flower borders. ”

What will Fleming see next happen?

The British “No Mow May” campaign, where we went to get mustard, showed what happens when you only cut a piece every three or four weeks, instead of every week. Flowers like chrysanthemums or buttercup can then grow, turning your garden into a true nectar plant, attracting up to ten times as much bees. These starting points, like refueling spots, can be the difference between life and death for an insect when traveling through a division or city.

“At the end of the month, all participants will receive a” nectar score, “which is an expression of how much nectar your garden produces. I have personally tested how much difference it can make: My garden is no longer wild, it’s teeming with life.”

One woman said, “I prefer to trim everything with a nail clipper.” latest news. Why do people dedicate this elegant lawn?

As my father said, “Fleming prefers to sell his mother over not mowing the lawn.” For a lot of people, it is a little bit of mental calm, no thought about mowing, and there is nothing that smells as good as fresh grass. But there is also a burning desire to organize. The control. That’s good. The mowing patterns in your lawn give structure and more biodiversity. ”

Do we underestimate the importance of the garden as a pickle in the story of climate change and biodiversity?

Scientist Valerie Dywilheinz was the first to show this in Flanders (In 2014, MIM): 10% of the Flemish surface is garden and half of it is grass. In fact, you should look at this mixture of gardening as one big nature area. The great thing is: Everyone can contribute to its management. ”

What does good management look like, except for shear less?

“One of the radical steps that everyone should take is to stop using pesticides and fertilizers. Farmers face strict control in that area, but ordinary people are fleeing that. In addition, it is important to prioritize native plants over exotic species.”

“There is also a compromise for people who can’t really stop mowing: flower bulbs in the grass. Crocuses or daffodils can provide color in the garden until May and provide nectar for the first time, after which the lawnmower is allowed to go upstairs anyway.” .

Can people who do not have a garden participate in “Maai Mei Niet”?

“Sure, they can cheer up their friends and family. Or their local government. Ostend and Odenard, among others, have already shared a number of hectares. “Contact the Senate”They often say in the United States. Okay: Call your Chief Green Officer. ”

Maai Mei Niet is a campaign by Knack, KU Leuven, Bond Beter Leefmilieu, Velt, and the Ministry of Nature. More information:

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