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Julie Van den Steen apologizes for the crimes of the colonial grandfather: "My grandfather did really bad things those days."  Showbiz

Julie Van den Steen apologizes for the crimes of the colonial grandfather: “My grandfather did really bad things those days.” Showbiz

ShowbizJulie Van den Steen (28) was already seen on VTM’s ‘Later Als Ik Groot Ben’ in mid-February, but the presenter responded Monday to a portion of the series. “There is a lot to do about a serious article,” Julie wrote on her Instagram account.

Presenter Julie van den Steen has been criticized on social media for quite some time. The reason for this criticism is an excerpt from VTM’s “Later Als Ik Groot Ben”. On the show, Jolie is somewhat chuckling about her grandfather. At one point, she also asked Eric Goins if her grandfather was a bad person. In the series, Jolie’s grandfather, Gerard Sweet, is already mentioned briefly. Soete was a Belgian officer whose fame increased significantly in 1999, the year before his death. Then his involvement was revealed in the wake of Lumumba’s murder. In “De Moord op Patrice Lumumba,” a book by the Flemish sociologist Ludo De Witte, he admitted that he disposed of the man’s remains. He also stated that he did not regret the killing because he considered Lumumba a danger.

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Statement on social media

Julie, who was not aware of her grandfather’s behavior at the time of recording, now regrets her response to the clip. The presenter shared a comprehensive statement on her Instagram account wanting to apologize to her followers. “Now I also know a little better why it wasn’t talked about at home when I was growing up. The entire colonial past has a particularly negative connotation, but not only for the Congolese themselves, but for a lot of people, this is really a very delicate matter. For my family that has been involved in a completely different way for generations. Franchises, I hear your opinion. It’s true. Sure, “it says in the post on social media.

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Julie also wrote that she wanted to apologize for the clip, which was removed from the broadcast after that. “If this uploaded portion of history is to be discussed, not only should you dedicate an entire broadcast / series to it, but above all don’t look at an unfortunate shot in response to those facts. My grandfather did very bad things during that period. It can be justified. But also things I was not aware of. Something like this should be framed and all information about it should be available. “

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Then Jolie writes that she realizes her reaction now seems implausible to a lot of people. An “easy fix” but real. My sincere apologies to anyone who felt hurt by this. I can’t imagine how you felt and still felt for you. I will never understand reactions like “cancer,” “you must die,” and “we’re coming to see you.” But I am definitely trying to understand the motivation behind it. As far as I can, as a white woman with all my privileges, I understand that. But I really want that. And I definitely want to work on that. I listen to you. Especially for the Belgian-Congolese community to know more about this. “

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“I don’t want to hide behind“ Original Sin something I can’t do anything about ”and take responsibility for the sadness and anger I felt (and still feel) after seeing the clip. I don’t expect that you will suddenly start to like me so much or that this will allow me to let go From pain. But he continues. “I communicate and want to learn and have a dialogue about your suffering because you all unwittingly carry these negative actions from the past today. With my sincere apologies. “

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