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Vlaamse acteurs grijpen naast Oscarprijzen: “Ik ben zelfs niet opgestaan om te kijken”

Flemish actors taking away Oscars: “I’m not even …

Johan Hildenberg and Quinn de Boe, two Flemish actors who had a chance to win an Oscar in this category on SundayBest Foreign Film, Never Won. But Heldenbergh definitely doesn’t let it get to his heart. “I didn’t even get up to watch.”

Johan Hildenberg (54) fulfills his word. The word he said to himself. He didn’t stay up Sunday night to see if he was Where are you going, Aida? – The Bosnian feature film by Jemmila Shabanik About the genocide in Srebrenica – will win an Academy Award for Best Foreign Film. “I have a son who is eighteen months old and I am already of a certain age. If I stay up at night, I will pay dearly. Although it was almost like that. Sunday night I got a phone call from Holland. What if I don’t want to participate in Zoom meeting about the film. I thanked you. “

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It’s not that Heldenbergh didn’t give the movie any chances. Although he mentioned the Danish movie beforehand Another tour Great competitor. This prediction was also fulfilled on Sunday night.

Johan Hildenberg.
Photo: ID / Lieven Van Assche

However, I recommend to everyone Where are you going, Aida? To watch it upon entering the theaters, when cinemas are allowed to reopen. The film tells the story of the genocide in Srebrenica in July 1995. Then Bosnian Serb forces took 7,000 Muslim boys and men from the Srebrenica enclave and killed them. The story is told through the eyes of Aida, who worked at the Dutch United Nations base as an interpreter for the United Nations. “

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Johan Hildenberg plays the Dutch colonel Kariman, the leader of the Blue Helmets, who had to protect the residents of Srebrenica but left them in the hands of Serbian commander Ratko Mladic. “The film is far from an indictment of the Dutch blue helmets. The film is a blame for the United Nations, which failed to deliver the promised aid,” says Hildenberg.

Very few people have seen the movie because it has not yet appeared on the streaming services. He was released from release when the halls reopened.

He tells Hildenberg on the phone while he is on his way to take a Covid test. Needs it for registrations later this week. Playing in a movie that earned an Academy Award nomination pays off because Johan Hildenberg is soon expected in a movie in Portugal.

Wim Delphoy

Koen De Bouw also played in a movie that was nominated in the Best Foreign Film category: The man who sold his skin By the Tunisian director Kawthar Ben Hania. The story revolves around a Syrian couple who separated because of the war. Her family forced the woman to marry a wealthy man and move to Brussels. Then a tattoo was drawn on the back of her lover at a base to obtain a visa for the West. Koen De Bouw plays artist / tattoo artist Jeffrey Godefroi, a character inspired by artist Wim Delvoye.

The man who sold his skin It can be seen on the Hulu streaming platform.

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