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Trade union: "Macro management rejects sales news as fake news and refuses to consult" |  Economie

Trade union: “Macro management rejects sales news as fake news and refuses to consult” | Economie

In the supermarket group Makro, unions are still unknown about a possible sale of the Belgian subsidiary Makro and Metro by the German parent company. Die Tijd wrote on Wednesday: That the distribution group is working to sell its Belgian branch, but the management denies this according to the unions. At the same time, they received signals that the news was true.

“According to management, there is nothing wrong and this is fake news, while we heard through the media that Macro is already in the display case,” explains Miriam Nevelstein of ACV Puls.

In the meantime, she said, the administration would refuse to receive unions. Also, the request for additional job boards in the branches did not receive any response. “Nothing moves,” the unionist woman denounces.

Regular job boards were on the agenda on Thursday, but the staff delegation was said to have halted them at a number of locations after their request to inform staff was denied. So the staff is very concerned. “Because there’s no clarity, all kinds of stories start coming out, which makes sense too,” Nevelstein continues.

The next 24 hours should make it clear whether and how much action there is a willingness to take action among employees. It concludes, “There is some noise here and there, but what this will result in is not clear at the moment.”