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Taiwan couple marry four times for more holidays |  abroad

Taiwan couple marry four times for more holidays | abroad

In Taiwan, a married couple has been married four times during a one-month period to enjoy a longer vacation.

On the East Asian island, companies are required by law to offer eight days leave for newlyweds. The Taipei Labor Department confirmed on Wednesday that the couple wanted to take advantage of the law.

According to the authorities, the man, who is a bank clerk, requested a 32-day leave during a period of 37 days. That’s because he and his wife were married four times and divorced three times during that month. The bank the man worked at rejected his request. He appealed to the Taipei Labor Department, which initially fined the employer 20,000 Taiwan dollars (590 euros).

Legally, there is no limit to the number of times an employee can request time off prior to his or her marriage. However, the bank found that the man had offended the law. A strong backlash followed against the bank clerk on social media.
Last week, the Labor Department admitted the mistake and rescinded the fine it had imposed.

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