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New York adopts urban toll collection: first in US

Written by Olivier Duquesne

If you drive through Manhattan’s central business district before the end of the year, you’ll see toll booths. Excluding bridges and tunnels, which already require a contribution, tolls range from $23.


To ease traffic in Manhattan and encourage the use of public transportation, New York wants to introduce an urban fare. or congestion charge London, Milan, Oslo Or Stockholm Do it.

It ends with free use of the road network at the southern edge of Central Park, along all roads below 60th Street in the central business district. Motorists face varying numbers and must cough up between 9 and 23 dollars (22.70 euros) per day depending on the hours they drive.

Prices are expected to be at least $9 during peak hours, from 6am to 8pm on weekdays and 10am to 10pm on weekends. A $5 nightly fare is also in the pipeline. First there will be a citizen trial and testing period, after which this pilot phase will be evaluated. It’s the first time a city in the U.S. has proposed a congestion charge. This comes on top of existing tolls for use of bridges and tunnels.

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