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New York take down the electronic police dog Digidog |  abroad

New York take down the electronic police dog Digidog | abroad

The New York Police Department (NYPD) is reinstating a robot dog specifically developed for police duties after a flurry of criticism. According to a police spokesperson, the contract has been canceled and the four-legged electronic friend, who is listening to the name Digidog, must return to Boston Dynamics’ “doghouse”.

Digidog caused an uproar in the city after photos of a police dog were circulated on social media. ‘Robo-cop’ has become a target of criticism as people draw comparisons to scenes from movies or series as machines rule the world like the TV series Black Mirror. Many are spitting their juices on the government’s greed to take control of Digidog’s hand. The robot will alienate clients from New Yorkers.

In fact, the police initially hired the super-intelligent dog for 77,500 euros to work with him through September, but the reaction of the public as well as the city government forced the NYPD to bid farewell to Digidog prematurely. City councilors were already investigating the cost of publishing Digidog, and Mayor Bill de Blasio urged the NYPD to reconsider the device’s deployment. A city councilor has introduced a bill to prevent the police from using armed robots or drones to prevent the “militarization” of the police.

However, the product is unlikely to dispose of the 35 kg robot in bulky waste. In addition to four legs, the device also contains cameras and lights, is capable of two-way communication, and can use artificial intelligence to navigate and gather information.

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