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Hoofd vaccinologiecentrum KU Leuven: “Streven naar 90 procent groepsimmuniteit in plaats van 70”

Head of Immunization Center KU Leuven: “We aim for 90 percent …

We should aim for group immunity to be 90 percent instead of 70 percent, says Corinne Vandermeulen, head of the vaccination center at Leuven University, Thursday evening. ROB TV. If we reach 70 percent, the virus will still circulate within 30 percent of the population, for Belgium over 3 million people. In fact, we should continue to strive for as many people as possible. “

“Three million people are still a big playing field,” says Vandermullen. “You run the risk that the virus will continue to spread through the population, and that it will have a chance to continue to mutate. This in turn can lead to new variants, which the vaccine may protect against less. Plus, if you are only aiming for a 70% chance.” “One hundred percent, people may not find it necessary to get vaccinated once this limit is reached. It is absolutely necessary that we aim to achieve the highest possible percentage.”

So it is important to continue to convince people of the need for vaccination. “It will take a lot of effort, but it is worth it. It is very important that the time and effort be devoted to convincing people.”

Vandermeulen thinks it would be a good idea to research the effects of a third dose of the Coronavirus vaccine, as all vaccine manufacturers currently do. In this way, people are more prepared if it appears that there is insufficient protection against new variants. “Thanks to this research, people will be able to switch more quickly. If needed, a third population injection could be followed in the spring of next year.”

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