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No more doubts about the Golden Boot?  “Those two are gone, so yeah...” - Football News

No more doubts about the Golden Boot? “Those two are gone, so yeah…” – Football News

The end of the year is fast approaching. Then it’s time to see who will win the Golden Boot.

2023 is slowly coming to an end. It’s time to make all kinds of lists and award prizes again. The Golden Boot also fits this list.

For Jean Botez, it is quite clear who will win the Golden Boot this year. “I think it would be Toby,” the Antwerp goalkeeper says of his Het Laatste Nieuws teammate.

“He’s definitely the favourite. We won three trophies with Antwerp. He had an important role in that tournament. I don’t immediately see anyone else having a full year like him.

Two other candidates traveled abroad in the summer and, according to Botez, did not score enough points with only six months to go. “Teddy Teuma is gone, Boniface is gone… so yes, Toby would be the logical winner in my eyes. The title, the cup, the Super Cup…

We also have to wait and see if Botez becomes Goalie of the Year. “Last year, I think three stood out. Simon Mignolet, Anthony Morris and me. Then I made it my goal to come back a year later and win. It won’t change my life, but I attach great importance to it.”

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