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Nvidia’s Drive Atlan-soc will be available for self-driving cars from 2025 – PC – News

Nvidia announced a new meeting of self-driving cars at its Graphics Technology Conference. This Drive Atlan chip will get the next generation Ampere-Next GPU and Arm CPU. Vehicles equipped with the Atlan chip will be launched in 2025.

Nvidia offers It is the Drive Atlan chipset of next-generation Ampere-Next-GPU and next-generation Nvidia Grace-Next-CPU. The company announced earlier today The first Grace processor with arm cores It is intended for data centers and will be released in 2023. This CPU will contain a new generation of ARM cores.

The chip gets further Accelerators For deep learning and Computer vision. The chip must be programmable to the automakers, who will continue to use the chip after release Over the air Can upgrade. You will also receive an Atlan chip, BluefieldData processing unit, Which should help the soc make the required AI calculations for self-driving vehicles.

According to Nvidia, Atlan can perform up to a trillion operations per second. That’s nearly four times more than Nvidia’s Orin-soc drive, which can perform around 254 billion operations per second and will be used in consumer cars starting next year. The first vehicles equipped with the Atlan chip will appear in 2025, according to Nvidia.

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