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Virgin Galactic allowed to conduct commercial spaceflights with humans – IT Pro – News

Virgin Galactic has received approval from the US Federal Aviation Administration to conduct commercial spaceflights with customers. The company wants to do three more test flights before commercial flights begin.

Virgin Galactic’s current commercial teleportation license Expanded by the Federal Aviation Administration, which means Virgo is now with spaceflight participants to go into space. This makes Virgin Galactic the first “space line” to be authorized by the FAA to fly with customers. Virgin Galactic has had a commercial space transport license since 2016.

The airline also states that upon further investigation, the May 22 test was successful. This was the third manned test flight with VSS Unity and the first spaceflight from Spaceport America in New Mexico. On that flight, VSS Unity reached a speed of Mach 3, or 3,704 km/h, and reached space at an altitude of 89 km.

Virgin Galactic is now planning three more test flights, with the first “fully manned” test flight this summer. The ultimate plan is to take tourists to the edge of space on VSS Unity, where they will experience weightlessness for a few minutes and then return to Earth. VSS Unity is first lifted into the air via VMS Eve, after which the unit detaches and continues to ascend.

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